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Laboratory of Ornamental Fish of

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte | Brazil.
Coordinated by Dr. Ana Carolina Luchiari, who is conducting scientific research in the field of animal behavior and physiology for the last 1
0 years.

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Discover the animal models that are used in our laboratory.

Research lines

Find out which scientific lines are covered in ours research.


We are pleased to share science between the various levels of research: undergraduate students, master's, doctoral or post-doctoral candidates.


There are more than 50 Fish Lab publications, including articles in scientific journals and book chapters.


In addition to research

in the lab, we share science through social media and extension program projects.

       Join us!

If you are interested in joining the Fish Lab, please send an email to with a link to your lattes CV and a brief description of yourself and your interests.

*Graduate students must first be admitted by a PPG from the UFRN Biosciences Center.

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